TDOT plans for permanent repairs on Highway 41

MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — After a portion of a Marion County highway collapsed, TDOT crews are working on a permanent solution to fix problems with the road.

Jim Cavin lives off Highway 41. He is very familiar with the area and its issues.

“41 has had a problem with it ever since I was a child, a small child. But in the last six or seven years it has really gotten bad,” Cavin said.

The road is used as a detour if there are accidents on the interstate.

“There is a tremendous amount of traffic on this part of the road through here when the interstate backs up which it does just about every Friday evening. This road is traveled heavy and now Chattanooga has got so many other places that is having problems with the roads and all. It is kind of like we have been put on the back burner on this particular part of the highway,” Cavin said.

Right now, a portion of the highway is down to one lane. Part of it was cracking and collapsing.

“We are really fighting a losing battle here and beginning in mid December last year it started really settling and it is hard to keep up with it and we are trying our best to keep it open, but we had to reduce it to one lane at that time because of the settlement. But then the rains in February they just made things even worse,” said Jennifer Flynn, with TDOT.

TDOT workers hope to begin permanent repairs soon,

“We are trying to do the best we can to make things better out there and I just want people to know that we do realize it is an issue and we have been working towards getting permanent repairs done,” Flynn said.

As for Cavin, he is getting used to stopping at the traffic light.

TDOT plans to start contract bidding in May. After that process, work on Highway 41 will begin.

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