Teacher Randal Davidson had history of medical issues at school

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) Dalton Police have released two prior calls they made to Dalton High over veteran teacher Randal Davidson.

On Wednesday, the principal says he caused a lockdown and evacuation of the school when he barricade himself in a classroom and then fired a gun through a window.

No one was hurt and he eventually gave himself up to police.

Earlier, students reported that he refused to allow them in the classroom.

But when Principal tried to enter the locked room, Davidson told him to stay out because he had a gun.

A year ago, an officer was told that Davidson was missing.

He told a supervisor that he was not feeling well and walked out.

“Due to Mr. Davidson having a history of medical problems I contacted Hamilton Medical Center.”

He was found walking on Waugh Street, but the officer could not get any response from him about what happened.

In 2016, police responded when Davidson called them.

He wanted to confess to having a woman killed.

But after hearing, the fanciful details behind the incident, they concluded that he was delusional.

“Mr. Davidson did state that he was on several different medications for depression and had only just gotten out of the hospital today.”

They never could find any victim or evidence of a crime.

On Wednesday, police did not feel that Davidson ever meant harm to any students, but the investigation continues into why.

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