TECH BYTE: Business Cards Go Digital

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — If you’re in the market for new business cards, there’s no reason not to make it just as high tech as your other devices.

If your business card needs an upgrade, why not get a digital one?

That’s what Christian Thomas did.

“Ever since TikTok has been adding ads, some things are too interesting, you can’t pass up,” Thomas said.

That TikTok ad was for the website

It only cost Thomas $20 for a digital business card.

“You can’t customize it physically, but you can change whatever, when somebody either scans the QR code, or someone uses the RFID chip that’s in it, it goes to the same website, but I can customize what that website is,” he said.

Once you set up an account, you have several options for your card – from your e-mail and LinkedIn profile information, to your phone number and other social media accounts.

“There’s multiple accounts that I don’t even take advantage of because I don’t have those accounts, like Spotify. I don’t have Spotify, but I can see where it can come in handy,” Thomas said.

The physical card you carry with you is plastic like a credit card.

There are several colors you can choose from, or you can customize it more by putting your company’s name or logo on it.

And you actually have more options than just a card to keep in your wallet if you want to share your contact information.

“They also have other multiple options, not just cards – little stickers you can put on the back of your cell phone, because everybody has their cell phone that you can scan on that.”

Digital business cards also save space. You don’t have to worry about losing them.

“You don’t have to keep buying more and more and more. It’s the same thing, and if something on that card, or there’s something on your account, you can go and change it real easily.”

Thomas says these digital business cards are the easiest way to make connections – both personally and professionally.

“Why would I hand out something that I don’t keep in my pocket? You know, where I could just say, ‘Here, you want my information?’ You scan it. Easily it goes straight to your phone. That person forcefully has to do something with that in front of you, so they’re gonna save it anyways,” Thomas said.

You can get a digital business card like Christian’s here.

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