TECH BYTE: Father’s Day Tech Gift Ideas

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Father’s Day is just a few days away.

And let’s be honest, Dad can sometimes be hard to shop for.

We’re making it a little easier on you this time to find a gift he’ll love.

Verizon’s Zachary Nelson says Dad can definitely take advantage of Apple’s newest iPad mini, which has only been out for a few weeks.

He says it’s a huge improvement to the original, and very portable.

“It’s all the benefits that come with an iPhone, or really any kind of phone that you want out there,” Nelson said. “Super fast processor. Big beautiful HD screen. A little more compact for traveling, you know, if dad is hitting the road to celebrate his holiday here, it’s going to give him the benefit of a big screen for both reading, looking up research on there, playing games. Really anything you’d do on your phone, just with a bigger display.”

Just like an iPhone, the iPad also has FaceTime, so Dad can keep up with the kids or other family members and friends who aren’t close by.

“Dads of all ages can figure out FaceTime,” he said. “It’s a nice big benefit to show grandkids, or just show off your face.”

Another gift that can benefit Dad is a wireless charging pad.

It can sit pretty much anywhere, and he doesn’t have to worry about an outlet.

“There’s a lot of different ones out there,” Nelson said. “Mophie’s my favorite, because it’s a little bit smaller, a little compact. Most phone chargers, when you plug in, actually lead to overcharging tendencies, which can damage the battery life, and so with a wireless charging pad, like from Mophie, it actually stops at 100 percent, and gives you longevity with your battery life. It’s kind’ve an investment in your phone, so a year from now, you’re still getting that full charge instead of finding yourself needing to charge your phone every few hours.”

It doesn’t take long to get a full charge either.

“It does have speed charging capabilities, and so it’s going to go dead to full in about an hour, hour-and-a-half, so you’re not worried about leaving it on there for several hours.”

Moms aren’t the only ones who need their “me time.”

Dads do too, and Nelson says the Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones can help with that.

“Awesome noise cancellation for either traveling, or if he wants to sit at home and get finally some peace and quiet,” Nelson said. “It cuts off everything. I use mine on the plane. If you turn that noise cancellation on, and close your eyes, you forget you’re on a plane. The music sound is fantastic. It’s what you expect from Bose.”

And if you don’t think your dad will like any of those gift ideas, Nelson says you can’t go wrong with a gift card.

Verizon also has special deals going on right now with phones, and accessories if you’re looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift.

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