TECH BYTE: How to Become a Legacy Contact

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Losing a loved one is tough, but what happens if you need to access something on their phone after they’ve passed away?

Apple has a solution for that problem.

The tech company created Legacy Contacts, so you can access data stored on their account after they’ve passed away.

They have to add you as a Legacy Contact first though.

So how does that work?

Apple says users have to have at least iOS 15.2 or macOS 12.1 to be able to add a Legacy Contact for their Apple ID.

It gives people they trust access to their data – from pictures and messages, to files and apps they’ve downloaded.

Legacy Contacts cannot access things like payment information, or downloaded music and movies.

If you want to request access, you need the access key your loved one created when they picked you, and you need their death certificate.

You don’t have to be an Apple user to be a Legacy Contact either.

But you do have to be at least 13 years old to ask for account access.

Once you become a Legacy Contact, Apple says you only get three years from when the first request is approved to get to your loved one’s data. Then the account is deleted.

For more information about making someone a Legacy Contact, or requesting access, go to and search “Legacy Contact.”

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