TECH BYTE: Tech Products For Your Halloween Party

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Halloween is right around the corner.

It takes plenty of technology to help set the mood for your get together.

The new JBL LINK VIEW makes it easier for you to cook up some spooky treats that you can use for your Halloween party.

It’s a voice activated Google speaker with a display screen.

“Being able to cook up some cool Halloween cookies, or maybe Halloween cake, it’s going to show you step by step with that picture assistance for people like me who can’t cook at all, it’s a big win,” said Zachary Nelson with Verizon. “As well as the video display on there, it plays music for your Halloween themed parties, or a Halloween movie to play on there.”

Nelson says the JBL Clip 2 – a smaller speaker – is another option for you to play your Halloween music, or some spooky sound effects.

“It’s got an eight hour playback, so it would be a cool feature for your Halloween-themed party, or your Halloween display for trick-or-treaters,” Nelson said. “Let’s say you stick that inside a pumpkin, you can have eerie music playing through it, kind’ve helps set the mood. It’s got a little clip on there, so you can set it anywhere, hang it anywhere.”

Outside of your home, keeping track of your kids while trick or treating, and making sure they’re safe is important too.

Instead of a cell phone, Nelson says to get your kids the new GizmoWatch.

It has GPS built into it, and you can actually do geofencing.

“So let’s say your children are out trick or treating, if they go where they’re not supposed to, bam, you’re going to get a notification, and it’ll tell you exactly where they are,” Nelson said. “It’s got an auto answer feature, so if you call them trying to find out where they’re at, it’s going to immediately answer, and you’re going to be able to start talking to them and make sure that they get home safely.”

The watch also lets you program up to 10 contacts who can reach out to your child.

Nelson says all of these products are on sale at Verizon now through the Halloween season.

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