Teenager driving safety changes in Georgia

(WDEF) – Car crashes are the number one cause of death of teenagers between 16 and 19 according to drive SmartGeorgia.com.

“A young man and his name was Joshua was killed in a car wreck and his parents worked along with legislators to help increase driver safety,” said President of A+ Driving Services in NW Georgia Jim Howell.

17-year-olds looking to get their driver’s license will have extra driving training called Joshua’s law starting in July.

Joshua‘s law requires 30 hours of classroom or online instruction plus six hours of on-the-road training.

Howell “One-on-one with an instructor and we start them on what level they’re at. Some people of already been driving a pretty good bit with their parents or other adults. Some of never been behind the steering wheel before,” said Howell.

It is already required for 15 and 16 years olds.

House Bill 466 will now also require all teen drivers under 18 must log at least 40 hours of supervised driving, including at least six hours of driving at night, before they can receive a Class D license.

Howell said the lessons are something every first-time driver should go through.

“Hopefully, a better educate the public on anything would help the safety rates. Most of the driving courses in Georgia do you emphasize in addition to the skill driving a lot of defensive driving aspects to help the students understand the ramifications of unsafe driving. Being distracted driving and possibly in an accident,” said Howell.

“I would also recommend that as soon to get their learner’s license as soon as they can. The sooner they can start driving with parents and other adults the safer it will be for them later on in life,” said Howell.

According to AAA Between Memorial and Labor Day weekend an average of seven people are killed every single day in teen driver-related crashes.

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