Temuera Morrison Talks Boba Fett Star Wars Spin Off Movie While in Chattanooga

Temuera Morrison & Daniel Logan, the actors who played Jango Fett & Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, appeared on WDEF News 12 This Morning while in Chattanooga for Con Nooga, a movie/tv/comic convention. 

Temuera expressed interest in appearing in the Star Wars spinoff film about Boba Fett.  "I live in New Zealand, so this is part of my reason for being here.  I like to come up and see my son again… and come to this wonderful place of Tennessee where I’ve never been before.  So another reason is to catch up with my agent in Hollywood and find out about all the gossip.  I heard Disney has taken up the whole Star Wars franchise so it might be a good time to show my face around." 

Morrison went on to talk about how cool it is to attend conventions like Con Nooga, because it provides him with the opportunity to reunite with old cast mates.  "Now this guy was very young when we did the movie so its kind of cool to catch up with him.  Every time I see him again, he was only this big when we shot Episode 2 so."

He had longer hair then too. "Yeah, 13 years ago, its unbelievable half my life ago, yeah," says Logan.

To see the entire interview, visit the Morning Show’s Media Center.

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