Tennessee American Water warns about ‘FOG’

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – As many Hamilton County residents are staying home this Thanksgiving many will be doing their own at home cooking. 

Tennessee American Water wants to warn residents to not let Fats, oils, and greases be poured down your sink’s drain.

Officials say when washed down the drain , FOG can adhere to the inside of the pipes and overtime it can build up causing your pipes to become clogged.

Tennessee American Water says this can lead to a major and costly repair.

“Your sink is not a trash can for everything. Do not put any of the fats, oils, and grease down the sink. If they were to back up it can cause a really expensive plumbing mess. You will need to call a plumber to come in and basically clear it out for you and it could be as bad as even having to replace some plumbing,” says Daphne Kirksey, Tennessee American Water. 

Officials suggest you dispose of large amounts of grease inside a jar or a can 

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