Tennessee Aquarium Eel Gets His Own Twitter Account

   The new interactive display at the Tennessee Aquarium for their South American Electric Eel comes with a Twitter Account.

   Miguel Wattson is his name.

   His Twitter handle is @EelectricMiguel.

   A team from Tennessee Tech’s Business Media Center developed the technology.

   They turn Miguel’s normal voltage into Twitter messages.

   The Electric Eel produces a high voltage discharge and a low voltage discharge.


   “In the wild, Electric Eels use their voltage to navigate, stun prey and as a defense mechanism,” said Aquarist Brad Thompson. “They have complete control of their discharges varying the amount of energy released to meet their needs.”

   When Miguel moves in his tank, he produces enough voltage to power a light and noise for his interactive display at the Aquarium.

  The Tennessee Tech team has turned the spare voltage into a tweeting machine.

  In fact, they have had to create a coded "fuse box" to make sure he doesn’t constantly send out tweets.

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