Tennessee Department of Health on Ebola

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Although there are no reported cases of ebola in Tennessee, the state health department held a news conference in Nashville Tuesday, to outline plans if a case is discovered.
Doctors described the actual threats, and talked about things you don’t have to be overly concerned with.

By now, most cities in Tennessee have already discussed and rehearsed protocol in case an ebola patient should turn up.
As of now, there are no cases.
But the Tennessee department of health is making a bold move to advise residents of the precautions in place.
Doctors set up a teleconference so that any citizens could ask questions.
Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner says the main message is that Tennessee residents will be protected from the spread of the deadly disease.

DR. JOHN DREYZEHNER, COMMISSIONER, TN. DEPT. OF HEALTH "Should there be a confirmed case in Tennessee, we are confident that our home care personnel through appropriate care can mitigate transmission to others. "

Dr. Dreyzehner was joined by the top leadership in the health department, but after explaining the state’s plan there were few questions from the public.
The commissioner indicated there is plenty of misinformation out there.

DR. DREYZEHNER "It can’t be spread by a person before they are sick. It can only be spread by direct contact with body fluids, or a sick person who has closely contaminated an object with body fluids."

The commissioner says there’s no reason not to travel as planned, especially by air.

DR. JOHN DREYZEHNER "It is not spread by air, not spread by water, not spread by insects, it is not generally spread by food."

Tennessee health officials say fear, distrust and stigma are the main stumbling blocks in getting the real message out to the public.

DR. DREYZEHNER "The good news is standard, aggressive and medical care probably will improve survival significantly."

All hospitals in Chattanooga are prepared to work together under the guidance of the county health department should an ebola case be detected.

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