Tennessee Highway Patrol stresses importance of buckling up

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Tennessee Highway Patrol wants to make sure people are buckling up and not driving distracted. They say it could save a person’s life.

When heading out on the road, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, wants to remind drivers to be careful. Statewide fatalities are significantly down compared to last year, but in the Chattanooga District it is about the same.

“Unfortunately Chattanooga District, last week we were up a fatality, so we are staying right at a trend. As of today we are minus one fatality, which is very good, but we would like to see that great impact of reducing fatalities, like we saw two years ago,” said Lt. John Harmon with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Out of all the fatal car crashes THP responded to in the Chattanooga District, all of the victims were not wearing their seat belt.

“It is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is to buckle up,” Lt. Harmon said.

Another issue they want to stop is distracted driving.

“It’s everyone’s problem and we have got to do better about our distractions with our phones and our technology,” Lt. Harmon said.

As for fatalities, troopers are closely keeping track of the numbers, with the hope they’ll continue to go down.

“The Tennessee Highway Patrol and our local law enforcement agencies take one day at a time. We want to get through today without a fatal crash, so we have had a successful day,” Lt. Harmon said.

They do this to reach their goal.

“We want everyone to arrive alive,” Lt. Harmon said.

Last year at this time in Tennessee, there were 123 traffic fatalities, currently there are 84.

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