Tennessee Valley law enforcement agencies get dynamic entry kits

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Police officers and deputies in the Tennessee Valley got new equipment from a law enforcement foundation to help if there is a threat.

Ten different agencies in Hamilton County and northwest Georgia gathered Thursday morning to get dynamic entry kits from the Aegis Law Enforcement Foundation.

“These are tools, portable tools that will be deployed in patrol cars at the various agencies that will enable officers to be able to more quickly get inside a building should we have an active shooter or an incident like that,” said Chief Mike Williams, with Signal Mountain Police Department.

“Certainly have multi purposes, so we are very excited that I can take a couple packs back home to Whitfield County and immediately put it to work,” said Sheriff Scott Chitwood, with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office.

The dynamic entry kit will help officers stay on top of it if there is a school shooting or an intruder in a building.

“The things that suspects do now, they modify their techniques each time to slow law enforcement response down to give them time to be more violent inside a building,” Chief Williams said.

Aegis was able to get these kits for $450.

“The funds were raised from the reserves of Aegis. And we will go out and replace those reserves. We will continue to provide equipment and training like this,” said Dr. John Cosgrove, with the Aegis Law Enforcement Foundation.

They will be able to easily carry around everything they need.

“This is cut down because it gives us the ability to carry it with us. It kind of goes on the trip with us. We have to run three blocks, if we have to go to the other side of a business or a mall or a building or a school, then this equipment goes with us on our back,” said Captain Mark King, with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

From getting a victim out to opening a safe, police chiefs say this will be useful.

“There are hundreds and thousands of applications for every piece of equipment. It is under the adage it is better to have and not need it than to need it and not have it,” said Chief David Roddy, with the Chattanooga Police Department.

On Thursday, 34 units were given out, but organizers say there is a demand for 50.

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