Terminated CPD Investigator Karl Fields Points Out Important Factors

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) Chattanooga Police terminated Investigator Karl Fields Wednesday for inappropriate text messages with a victim in a rape investigation.

His attorney Todd Davis issued a press release Wednesday night pointing out what Fields’ felt were important factors uncovered in the Internal Affairs investigation.

He pointed out that IA found large gaps in the victim’s text messages that she handed over to them.

Fields says the victim sent him sexual messages and encouraged him to send her some too.

The press release also says IA found the alleged rape was voluntary.

It also says Chief Fred Fletcher left the allegation of untruthfulness pending further investigation.

Fields says he deletes all his texts after a conversation is over, and could not remember all the texts sent.

He also points out that there’s an app called Spoofing that can create false text messages.

Fields does not deny he sent inappropriate text messages.

He does deny that he was dishonest with investigators.

He, however, does regret his poor judgement.

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