Testimony on Georgia election at today’s Jan. 6th hearing

Sec. of State and assistant refute election fraud charges

WASHINGTON D.C. (WDEF) – Today’s testimony at the January 6th hearing involved the Georgia election of 2020.

Democrats called two election officials in Georgia and a poll worker who says her life was ruined when Former President Trump accused her by name of rigging ballots.

Here is some of their testimony:

SCHIFF: did you office investigate claims? did 5,000 dead people in GA vote?

GA Secretary of State Raffensperger: that’s not accurate. in lawsuits they alleged 10,315 dead people. we found 2 dead people. when i wrote my letter to congress that stated on jan.6. subsequent to that we found 2 more. that’s 1,2,3,4 people. not 4,000 just a total of 4. not 10,000, not 5,000.

SCHIFF: let’s play next clip.

(video/audio) Trump: there’s nothing wrong with saying you’ve recalculated because the 2,236 in absentee ballots there’s all exact numbers done by accounting firms, law firms, etc. even if you cut them in half, in half and in half again, there’s more votes than we need.

SCHIFF: Mr. secretary, anyway you could’ve lawfully changed result in state of GA and somehow explained it away as recalculation?

Raffensperger: No. Numbers are the numbers and numbers don’t lie. we had many allegations and we investigated every single one. i challenged my team and said did we miss anything? they said there’s over 66,000 underage voter. we found there were zero. you can register to vote in GA when you’re 17 and a half, you have to be 18 by election day. we checked that out. every single voter. they said there were 2,423 non registered voters, there were zero. they said there were 2,056 felons. we identified less than 74– or less that were still in felony sentence. every single allegation we checked, we ran down the rabbit trail to make sure our numbers were accurate.


Another clip:

(audio evidence) Trump: when the right answer comes out, you’ll be praised. i don’t know why they made it so hard. they’ll be praised. people will say great because that’s what it’s about. the ability to check it and make it right. because everyone know it’s wrong, there’s just not way.

SCHIFF: Mr. Raffensperger i know you weren’t on this call but that you have listened to it. pres trump didn’t win by hundreds of thousands of votes in GA did he?

Raffensperger: No He did not. I’ve been traveling through state of GA for year now. simply put, what happened in fall of 2020 is that 28,000 Georgians skipped the presidential race but voted down ballot in other races. and republican congressman ended up getting 33,000 more votes than pres trump and that’s why trump came up short.


Another clip:

Giuliani on tape:
“And when you look at what you saw on the video, which to me was a smoking gun, powerful smoking gun. Well, I don’t don’t have to be a genius to figure out what happened. And I don’t have to be a genius to figure out that those votes are not legitimate. Vote. You don’t put legitimate votes under a table. No. Wait until you throw the opposition out and in the middle of the night, count them. We would have to be foolish to think that.”

“President Trump’s campaign amplified Giuliani’s false testimony in a tweet, pushing out the video footage. Giuliani likewise pushed out his testimony on social media. As you can see in this tweet, Mr. Giuliani wrote that it was, quote, now beyond doubt, unquote, that Fulton County Democrats had stolen the election. Later in this hearing, we’ll hear directly from one of the election workers in this video about the effect these lies had on her and on her family. Mr. Sterling, did the investigators in your office review the entire surveillance tape from the State Farm Arena on election night?”

Gabe Sterling / Chief Operating Officer for the Georgia secretary of state
“They actually reviewed approximately 48 hours going over the time period where an action was taking place at the counting center at State Farm Arena on election night.”

“And what did the tape actually show?”

“Depending on which time you want to start, because as was mentioned, this conspiracy theory took on a life of its own where they conflated a water main break that wasn’t a water main break. And throwing observers out and a series of other things when it actually showed was Fulton County election workers engaging in normal ballot processing. One of the specific things. One of the things was very frustrating was the so-called suitcases of ballots from under the table. If you watched the entirety of the video. You saw that these were election workers who were under the impression they were going to get to go home. Around ten, ten, 30 people are putting on their coats. They’re putting ballots that are prepared to be scanned into ballot carriers that are then sealed with tamper proof seals so that they can you know, they’re not messed with. And it’s an interesting thing because you watch all there’s four screens of the video and as you’re watching it, you can see the election monitors in the corner with the press as they’re taking these ballot areas and putting them under the under the table. You see it there. One of the other hidden ones, if you looked at the actual tape, was on the outside of the table, just from the camera angle. You couldn’t see it originally. And this goes under the no good deed goes unpunished. We were told we were at GMA, as the secretary pointed out, and we weren’t we were told that it looked like they were shutting down the Fulton County counting. The secretary expressed some displeasure at that because we wanted to keep everybody keep counting so we could get to the results and know what was happening. So our elections director called their elections director, who was at another location because this was Election Day. There was two different places where ballot things were being done by the Fulton County office. So he called the election struggling. Fulton then called Ralph Jones, who was at the state fair marina, and said, What the heck are you doing? Go ahead and stay. As you watch the video itself, you see him take the phone call as people are putting things away and getting ready to leave. You can tell for about 15 to 20 seconds, he does not want to tell these people they have to stay. He walks over. He thinks about it for a second. You see him come back to the corner of a desk and kind of slumps. His shoulder says, okay, all we got to keep on counting. And then you see them take their coats off.”

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