‘The Boneyard Bar’ bouncer under fire for recent altercation

A security video circulating the internet showing an altercation between a bouncer and a seemingly intoxicated man at The Boneyard on Station Street has now become a legal matter. 

The video shows the patron getting physical with the bouncer when removed from the bar. The man, Caleb Young, was knocked unconscious then lies in the road for roughly 30 seconds before the bouncer drags his body to the side of the street.

Attorney Robin Flores is representing Young. He said under Tennessee law, when anyone injures somebody else, they have a duty to render care to that person, similar to hit and run statutes. 

If he were a patron, they had a higher duty of care to him under common law, Tennessee, as an invitee. And it doesn’t include instigating or starting a fight. And then using that as a pretext for the level of violence that we’ve seen. Add to that what appears to be depraved indifference, when an individual is out in that manner, in traffic,” said Flores. “The question is, why the employees of this particular place, felt it necessary to go outside and engage this guy? That’s all going to be an issue for litigation.”



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