The Mocs Got a look at Cam Netwon before the DAB

The Chattanooga Mocs caught a glimpse of Cam Newton before he was dabbing.

UTC battled Auburn almost six years ago, and Newton gave the Mocs defense plenty of headaches.

When Russ Huesman’s Chattanooga Mocs played Cam Newton and Auburn back in 2010, Cam had a Cam-like game, accounting for five touchdowns, as Auburn beat Chattanooga 62-24.

Coach Huesman admits the idea of facing Cam Newton wasn’t exactly exciting.
Huesman-“Yeah, I didn’t want to go on the trip to be honest with you.”
Huesman joked he didn’t have a game plan for Newton.

Then again, how do you stop Superman.

“He dropped back to pass, and he had like 45 seconds to throw the ball. Then finally one of our guys creeped in there, and he looked at him. Then he started scrambling around for a 25-yard run. The play took about a minute and thirty seconds.”

Newton was 15 of 21 through the air for 317 yards.
And he didn’t play the second half.

“He didn’t run the ball a whole bunch. They weren’t taking any chances of him getting hurt against us. But I think walking out there, I was like wow, this guy can really throw it.”

Hard to find flaws with Cam, unless you really nit-pick.

“The only thing I remember about that game to be honest with you was Bubba Trundle our team dentist. He told the official that Cam was chewing gum and didn’t have a mouthpiece in. The SEC official I think told Bubba to shut up. And he’s still chewing gum I noticed. Bubba our team dentist was worried about his teeth.”

Now that Newton is a pro football star, does Huesman reflect on the Mocs time against a budding NFL legend?

“No. I never like to give up 62, so I try not to reflect on that game a whole lot.”

“You get the feeling Russ Huesman would rather wear zebra pants than face Cam Newton again.

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