Things to know for Memorial Day weekend travel

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and the motorists are out.

Many people are traveling over the holiday.

Some, may be returning home on Monday or heading somewhere to be with family and friends for the day.

Travelers making their way through a rest stop on Sunday near the Tennessee-Georgia line with a destination on their mind.

“The traffic wasn’t bad until we hit [Interstate] 40 it was a little bit heavier, but so far so good. So, we’re hoping we can make it home without any problems,” said Brooke Lakin.

Lakin and her family aren’t the only ones traveling.

AAA projects over 39 million Americans will be traveling in some form this Memorial Day Weekend.

“I’m just traveling through heading down towards Lakeland, Florida going back home to see my grandchildren and my daughter,” said Calvin McGowan.

Tennessee Department of Transportation officials expect around 700,000 drivers to travel on the state’s roadways over the holiday weekend.

To help make things easy for motorists, TDOT interstates and state route construction lane closures are suspended until Tuesday.

Over the state line, Georgia is doing the same.

Georgia Highway Safety Director Harris Blackwood stresses simple safety measures to remember when you’re driving.

“Buckle that seat belt; put down the phone; don’t drink and drive; slow down; and get both hands on the wheel and be focused on the job of driving. It’s more important on a holiday weekend like this,” Blackwood says.

He also says as of Friday, 561 people have been killed in crashes in the state. 60 percent of them weren’t wearing seat belts.

“It is the thing that can save your life. It can save your life and it can the lives of others in your car. You have got a much better chance of surviving a crash,” Blackwoods adds.

If need to gas up ahead of the holiday, Sunday afternoon shows cheap gas in Chattanooga at a station on Cummings Hwy & Hemlock Circle – $1.83 for a gallon of regular.


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