Thousands of tires illegally dumped on private property-reward offered

CLEVELAND, Tenn (WDEF) – Just off of Interstate 75, near exit 20 sits acres of land owned by Larry Armour with Armour commercial real estate-but he’s not the only one using this property.

On the property, you’ll see thousands of used tires, mattresses, and trash that has been illegally dumped.

“This is the result of probably months and months, if not years, of illegal tire dumping,” says Tim Mason, Litter Coordinator for Bradley County.

The developer of the property is now offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can help find the person responsible for such an irresponsible act.”

Police want to remind residents that dumping tires isn’t a victimless crime.  If the perpetrator isn’t found, the property owner will be left to pay for the clean-up. 

“Typically a tire will be disposed of by a tire company. When you get your tires changed you have to pay a small disposal fee. They have different things where they can recycle tires and shred them up for mulch. There are proper ways to dispose of tires but it is not dumping them on private property,” says Detective Stephen Warner, Cleveland Police Department.

The Property Developer says he has gated and locked up the property but someone continues to shoot off the locks and replace them with their own.

Local Law enforcement says not only is this a crime but it’s also an environmental concern.

“It’s just a breeding zone for mosquitos and that’s another reason why we want to get it to stop. We are going to try to beef up security for our law enforcement. We are going to work together to try and get this stopped,” says Mason.

“If anybody knows anything, if anyone has first-hand knowledge, or even if anyone has seen people in that area with a large number of tires whether it’s a truck or trailer – anything might be helpful. It may turn out to be nothing or it might be something you never know what might be helpful,” says Detective Warner.

If you have any information about the person that is responsible for dumping onto this property, the Cleveland police would like to hear from you. Remember— all tips are confidential.

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