Three Houses Struck by Lightning in Hamilton County

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Three homes were hit by lightning in the Tennessee Valley, this morning.

According to the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management, the strikes occurred within the span of thirty minutes.

“It’s very rare that we get these many in one specific day. And within one hour, we did have a lot of lightning that was reported by our local media outlets. And it is a freak of mother nature where the lighting decides to strike,” said Amy Maxwell, Public Relations Manager for Hamilton County Emergency Management.

But according to News 12’s Chief Meteorologist Austen Onek, three homes getting struck by lightning in a short period of time isn’t as unlikely as it might seem.

“The odds of getting struck by lightning anywhere in the United States in a calendar year are roughly speaking about one in a million, maybe just a little bit over that. For three houses to get hit in a populated area like this, it’s very possible that it can happen. If you play the lottery, if you ever go to a casino, ever play the odds on stuff like that, eventually, you will, if you bet long enough on things, you will the potential of winning a lot. And, in this case three places wound up with a jackpot,” said Onek.

And the Tennessee Valley is playing the odds.

Onek says that due to the increased moisture in the region, the American Southeast expereinces more thunderstorms than the rest of the country.

And mid-July is peak lightning season.

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