Three New Fire Stations Now Serving Bradley County

Bradley County Mayor Gary Davis, says, "It’s a big day."

A big day, but a challenging year, says Mayor Davis.

In 2012, he was notified that the county would need to offer fire protection to areas previously served by the Cleveland Fire department.

Those were so-called fringe areas.

Mayor Davis, adds, "We didn’t realize how big of a challenge it was at the time, but it turned to be a huge challenge."

In order to take on the added responsibility, the county had to build three new fire stations in the Hopewell, Parkview, and Waterville areas.

Mayor Davis says, "We’re now as ready as we can be. We feel like we can begin on Monday morning at 8 o’ clock, providing the best protection for the residents of Bradley County as possible."

The best protection, according to Mayor Davis, means three new engines, tankers, and 42 paid firefighters.

That is in addition to the volunteers who have already taken on the 400 hour training challenge.

Mayor Davis adds, "The city now has the ability to commit all their manpower to the city. That’s an improvement to the city who are my citizens also."

These county leaders also tell is there’s more to this place than the shiny red paint.

Each station is equipped with safe rooms, thanks to one large FEMA grant.

Troy Spence, the interim Bradley County Fire-Rescue Chief, says, "The area is built to withstand winds of up to 200 miles per hour."

Even though Mayor Davis says this year has been a whirlwind, he’s glad they took on the challenge.

Mayor Davis adds, "Failure is not an option and that’s what we live by with the department."

If you’d like to visit the new stations, you can.

An open house is planned for Saturday.

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