Three Ooltewah High School Basketball Players Go To Trial in Sevierville

Three Ooltewah High School basketball players will go on trial tomorrow in Sevierville.

It’s for the sexual assault of another player during a basketball tournament last December.

The case has drawn nationwide attention and led to the downfall of coaches and the school superintendent.

It’s back to the scene of the assault for the three basketball players….two juveniles and a player who has turned 18 but will still be tried in Juvenile court.

None of them have been publicly identified, but investigators have pointed the finger at the 18 year…as the instigator.

Evidence and initial testimony showed that the students assaulted a 15 year old player with a pool cue at the resort cabin where they were staying.

The victim had emergency surgery for injuries to the bladder and prostate.

The three were arraigned in March on charges of aggravated rape and assault.

Judge Dwight Stokes who presided at the original hearing has handed it off to Judge Jeff Rader for the trial.

There are other legal matters to resolve closer to home.

Ooltewah High school basketball coach Andre “Tank” Montgomery is charged with 4 counts of failure to report child abuse. That’s a Class A misdemeanor with punishment of up to three months in prison and a fine–or both. No trial date has been set.

Ooltewah Athletic Director Jesse Nayedley was sentenced to 10 days of community service for his part in that..he has since resigned.

Charges against volunteer assistant basketball coach Karl Williams were dismissed.

But the fallout from that incident has left marks on the school district.

Superintendent Rick Smith was faulted with not providing enough information to the school board after the incident. It was 10 days before local school leaders commented publicly. Smith resigned in March.

And Gatlinburg police detective Rodney Burns faces perjury charges in Hamilton county for his conflicting reports about the attack on the students. That case will be prosecuted by District Attorney General Neal Pinkston.


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