Three Person Crew Escape Rhea County Train Fire

RHEA COUNTY,TN, (WDEF)-Jacky Reavley Rhea County Fire Chief,"Had fire units respond to the scene and extinguish the fire in a very short period of time, crews remained on the scene for a couple of hours until they were able to get the train off the track to a side track and then get the line back open again".

Reavley was concerned the flames would spread to fuel tanks carrying thousands of gallons of diesel.

"It’s a very tough situation because you got diesel fuel and high voltage in the engine where you got generators and batteries and stuff it is a hazardous situation".

All three crew members escaped unharmed.
Families who live along Roddy Road are in disbelief.

Sherry Robbins, Spring City,"Shocked and surprised that happened so close to home".

Once the line was cleared a second locomotive took over and carried the train on to Jacksonville Florida.

Sherry Robbins, Spring City,"I hope it don’t happen again."

Rhea County EMS officials added train fires are extremely rare despite heavy train traffic through their county.

Norfolk Southern have just released a statement thanking Rhea County firefighters for their quick response.

Investigators are still unsure what caused the blaze but are looking into the possibility that a fuel line could have ruptured.

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