Tim Kelly Vs. Kim White

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- While Tim Kelly and Kim White received a majority of the votes, there are still over 10 thousand voters to convince.

Both claim to have grown up in Chattanooga and have experience within the world of business and non-profits.

Despite these similarities, their approaches to education, covid-19, and business development are distinct.

“Talking to Dr Johnson and Mayor Coppinger, one of the biggest needs is transportation” said White. “How can the city think differently and be a partner to help kids get to the future ready institute?”

Kelly advocates for the minimum wage for Head Start teachers should be increased to 15 dollars.

“K-12 funding is the responsibility of the county but early childhood education is a place where only really the city can play” said Kelly. “The critical part that the city can play is to really support the K-12 system by making sure kids are coming into to kindergarten in the best shape possible.”

The candidates approach to handling the covid-19 pandemic varies as well.

“I would appoint a director for community health and really begin to rollout vaccines and the availability of vaccines in more common places like Y.F.D. and community centers and other places where we can accelerate the pace of vaccinations.”

White wants local businesses to come out stronger on the other side of the pandemic.

“Small and medium size business are really hurting. We’ve lost so many of those. We will have an office of small business support that really goes out into the community. Making sure we identify what resources they need and bring those to them.”

During an interview with News 12, Kelly referenced his ‘on stop shop’ program, providing local businesses resources and information during the pandemic.

During an interview with White, she mentioned that vaccine rollout will be on her agenda.

Below is a link to both candidates websites that further explains their policies and agendas.

Kim White: https://www.kimwhiteformayor.com/issues

Tim Kelly: https://www.kellyforcha.com/priorities


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