Titans GM Jon Robinson Heads Into the NFL Draft With Nine Picks

The NFL Draft gets underway Thursday night in Cleveland.
Should be an important draft for the Titans since they released so many veteran players in the off-season for salary cap reasons. G.M. Jon Robinson takes us through what he and the Titans brass are looking to get done this weekend.

Last year, Titans coach Mike Vrabel did the NFL draft from his house because of the pandemic. Now that teams can get back together, the L-A Rams are taking it to a new level. They’re holding their draft in a beach-side mansion. Titans G-M Jon robinson jokes the Titans draft location won’t be as nice.
Said Robinson:”We do not have a ‘McMansion’. Um. Me and Coach Vrabel may pitch a tent out beside the lake. We don’t have a ram we can. Maybe there’s a raccoon or something we could kind of let rummage around with his.”
The Titans have a chance to re-stock their team because they have nine total picks this year.
Said Robinson:”The more picks. That means the more options you have at hitting on one of those guys. I’m excited about the number of picks that we have this year.”
Reporter:”Jon is four picks in the top 100 a big number?”
Said Robinson:”Wish I had more than four. That’s what we’ve got. We’ll see what we can make out of that.”
Tennessee has the 22nd pick in the first round, but will they stay there?
Said Robinson:”Anytime you are going to move up, you’ve kind of got your eyes on maybe one player or two players. According to how many picks you are away from that player, you might get some information that hey, this team. They might jump you or they’re looking to come up too. I think we’re kind of talking through that this morning.”
Robinson admits the Titans will be open to take a player in the first round even if it’s not a position of need.
Said Robinson:”Just because we may not have a glaring need at a position doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t take a player there. If we think that the impact that he could have on the team at some point this year. You can’t predict injuries.”

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