TN Senate Bill Banning Powdered Alcohol Gains Support

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-This is palcohol, the latest drinking craze, all you have to do is  add water.

Tennessee legislators have been working on a bill to ban palcohol for more than 3 months.

"We have to pass actually law that goes into code and then give the ABC board direction from that point".

Bill Ketron’s Senate Bill 374 wants to make it a misdemeanor offense to sell the packs which come in rum, vodka and margarita forms.

"A waitress says I never served the man alcohol, but he keeps on underneath the table pouring the powdered alcohol all down into his drink under the table, has five or six of those, goes out, gets in his car and kills somebody."
Alcohol and addiction counselors at CADAS fear the powder could be sniffed or mixed with other drugs.

"Packet of powder with 6 ounces of water and you have a mixed drink, there will be people who want to mix many more packets with less water, thus increasing the concentration of it and increasing the overdose potential of it."

15 states have already banned palcohol including Louisiana and South Carolina.

Liquor and whiskey consultant Joe Ledbetter believes palcohol is only a passing fad and people will lose interest.

"Products come out that the owner or the industry is very excited about, they put the excitement before the consumer, I don’t see a market for powdered alcohol."

Doctors have compared palcohol to Four Loko and want greater restrictions on how it’s distributed and where, in this article-

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