TN State Senators Want “2nd Amendment Sales Tax Holiday”

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Senate Bill 206 aims to remove taxes for firearms, ammunition, and hunting supplies for the first weekend of September of each year.

The bill is being proposed by State Senators Frank Nicely and Kelly Keisling.

Shooter’s Depot on Shallowford Road say ammo costs are rising and feel the bill is needed.

Trentyn Murrell, Shooter’s Depot Sales Associate,"Since The Sandy Hook Shooting back at the end of 2012 ammo sky rocketed and it hasn’t come back down."

Murrell believes the tax holiday would benefit customers and stores.

"For Christmas or 4th of July or whenever we might want to run one, a lot of we will give that incentive we will cover your tax and we usually get a really good show for that."

Chattanooga shooters feel the proposed legislation changes could save them and their families thousands of dollars every year.

Charles Cassidy, Korean War Veteran, Gun Owner,"Well this year I probably spent about 1500 dollars on guns alone, every week 25 dollars on ammunition."

Not everyone believes a sales tax holiday for gun owners is a good idea.

Reverend, Carol Howard Merritt, Chattanooga Pastor and Writer, "There maybe an increase in violence, certainly we will see a decrease in the funding for our roads, our highways our buildings our education that we need taxes for."

Tennessee’s August sales tax holiday currently covers clothing, school supplies and computers.

 Mississippi and Louisiana already have second amendment sales tax holidays.

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