Top Golf is open for business

EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (WDEF)- There are some businesses in the Tennessee Valley that are opening during the pandemic.

East Ridge Top Golf finally opened it’s doors today.

Richard Werhle, Top Golf’s General Manager says, “Whew! It is finally grand opening day and we get to open these doors. It has been a process. It has been a journey for all of us here at top golf. But, we are so excited to bring this new concept here to Chattanooga, the East Ridge community and just finally get ready to open our doors today.”

There have been many set backs due to the Coronavirus but those doors opened at 10 o’clock this morning with a line!

Guests can expect a few changes that are put in place to keep them safe.

There’s only six people per golfing bay.

Each bay is separated by plastic dividers.

Masks are required for employees and strongly suggested for guest.

Top Golf has even hired a dedicated team to make sure all shared areas are disinfected at all times.

“I think that’s the biggest thing for us at top golf right now. We feel comfortable being able to safely open right now because of the measures that we have put in”, adds Werhle.

Unlike other Top Golf locations, the one in East Ridge is one story.

Some frequent top golfers were worried about the new concept.

But, Ethan Lamberth says that the unique feel is something that he could get used to.

“This one, you don’t have baskets underneath the flags. It’s more of a top tracer type of a thing. So, it’s actually a different cool experience. So, this one, I kind of like it more because it tells you everything that you need to know right away instead of a little delay”, says Lamberth.

Top Golf is open seven days a week. from 10 AM until 11 PM.

Except Friday and Saturday when there are open until midnight.

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