Trailer Thieves Hit North Georgia

NORTH GEORGIA (WDEF-TV) – If you own a trailer and live in Walker or Catoosa county, you may be the next victim of some enterprising thieves.
The trailers are being snatched from private property and some of them are turning up in big cities.
We get the story now from the top law enforcement officers in both counties.

It doesn’t seem to matter to the criminals whether the trailer hauls your lawn mower or provides shelter for your family on vacation.
If they can get a trailer hitch on it—it will be gone in minutes.

SHERIFF GARY SISK, CATOOSA COUNTY "Unfortunately most of them are stored just sitting in the front yard….didn’t have a tongue lock on them or any way of securing them."

Sheriff Gary Sisk says the trailer thefts have been happening at the rate of one or two a week for several months.

SHERIFF GARY SISK "Metal utility type trailers they are cutting those up usually for scrap, they can usually be cut up."

SHERIFF STEVE WILSON "The enclosed trailers, we’re not sure about those. Many times those can be taken out of know , 4 or 500 miles away and sold for you know,25 cents on the dollar."

SHERIFF SISK "And then maybe for your more elaborate enclosed trailers we’ve received some intel that they may be going to the Atlanta area…possibly being traded out for drugs and things of that nature. "

Catoosa and Walker counties are what they call "target rich areas".
It seems almost every other home has a trailer of some kind.
You’d wonder—who are these thieves?

SHERIFF STEVE WILSON "Most of the time the person who’s committing the theft is someone in our general region and they take the stuff…they have someone who fences as we say…whether it be 45-50 miles away or a 100."

SHERIFF WILSON "Probably in this case since its kind of a rash of them right now its probably just a group of people, probably maybe a couple of folks."

The sheriff’s advise owners to put locks on the trailers—or store them in a safe area.

If you have information about who could be responsible for the trailer thefts, call the Walker or Catoosa county sheriff departments or go on line to leave an anonymous tip.

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