Transparency questions over Hamilton County redistricting

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – The once-in-a-decade district redrawing for Hamilton County is officially underway, but not everyone agrees with how the process has been handled so far.

“(You must) Involve the public more by giving people information before your meeting so that they can be prepared to ask questions at your meeting,” says State Representative, Yusuf Hakeem.

The first meeting between county commissioners was last Wednesday, where they went over maps and heard from numerous guest speakers.

Sabrena Smedley says that some potential options have been less popular than others.

“We had some folks from Birchwood at our last meeting saying they didn’t want to be shifted like that and crossing the river into another district,” says Smedley.

State Representative Hakeem has raised concerns about the public being uninformed about the process, and having it become political.

“It can lead to what we’ve had in the past and what we have right now which is gerrymandering,” Hakeem warns.

Smedley argues that the meetings have been transparent, and aside from being open to the public, are livestreamed on Youtube.

“We’re really going to dig in and I hope that the software will allow them to zoom in, where we can see the names of roads, where the schools are, etc,” she says.

The next meeting will be Wednesday, September 29th, starting at 1pm.

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