Travel Agent suggests a pause on European travel until restrictions are lifted

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The COVID-19 vaccine has opened up the door to travel.

There are many tough questions that travelers must ask themselves before flying internationally.

Do you need your mask?

What are the vaccine requirements?

Will you need a negative COVID-19 test for when you come back into the United States?

Lisa Tanner, of Lisa Tanner Travels, says that traveling internationally right now poses a lot more questions and some of the answers might make you postpone your trip.

“You honestly really want to get the full experience. My biggest suggestion is to wait until very late fall, or early spring season, summer season of ’22. I think that a lot more will be open to us and it will be much easier to travel again”, adds Tanner.

As of now, International travelers must receive a negative COVID-19 test before reentering the U.S.

News 12 asked Tanner how often are the COVID-19 guidelines changing for international travel?

Tanner says, “You know, I’ve been doing this business for 25 years and we’ve been through H1N1,and Sars, and Ebola and 9/11 and there was a common thread there. It was easy to get past. With COVID, honestly, with every hour, something changes. I can give you information this morning and by tonight, there’s another update or another change.”

Aviation and travel industry CEOs from the United States and United Kingdom support requiring travelers to either be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19.

Scott Kirby, United Airlines CEO, says, “We’re all on board on this call with it, is requiring either testing or vaccinations and we’ve all been working on the technology to demonstrate safely that you’ve been vaccinated with our requirement for vaccinations. And the fact is actually the first international test of using testing was Newark to Heathrow,”

The CDC recommends people check the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions at their international destination.

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