Travel increases as COVID cases decrease

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-“Very safe. Everyone’s masked up, everyone’s complaint just about we’re on Royal Caribbean and we feel safer there than we do at home. People around here don’t wear a mask when you go out,” said soon to be traveler Pam Booth.

As COVID cases decrease and COVID restrictions are being lessened or removed people are looking to get out and travel like the booth family who is going on a cruise soon.

“Somewhat refreshing just to get back to normal but at the same time, you’re always a little cautious because we’re not 100% there so you still take whatever precautions you feel comfortable with,” said Paul Booth.

Travel Sense travel advisor Lisa Tanner said with all this pent-up demand, her agency is the busiest it’s been, possibly ever.

“I sat down and looked at what my sales were going into 2020 and what I actually canceled and I canceled over 90 individual bookings. Provided that Covid sort of goes in the shadows it’s going to be a better year for travel,” said Tanner.

Tanner said even though cases are decreasing, travel insurance is almost a must.

“We plan as though we normally would. The major major difference is I don’t sell anything without travel insurance. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re covered if you have a fear of COVID but if you were to get COVID you’re covered because that becomes a medical issue,” said Tanner.

She said she works with government agencies to see what can be done where so people are up to date on the latest COVID restriction information.

“If people are going to Paris right now I suggest they hold up a bit on Paris. There’s still a lot, the museums for example, but have not fully opened. So we look at the individual place they’re going and I make sure they’re going to be able to have enough open experiences that the trip is worth their time and money,” said Tanner.

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