Trump Supporter Says She’s Voting Republican for the First Time in her Life

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Donald Trump Campaign is back on the road tonight, after stopping in the Scenic City this afternoon in an effort to gain more support before November 8th.

Trump supporters say they had no idea the campaign bus was coming until just yesterday, but dozens of people showed up to hear why America would be greater with Donald Trump has President.

“I am so proud to be out here, as an African American, just supporting Donald Trump and his incredible movement,” said Laverne Elliot, who admits she’s voting for a Republican Presidential candidate for the first time in her life, “I spent 99.5 percent of my years being a loyal Democrat, but we got nothing out of it, and African Americans have been pimped for their vote, they take for granted that they can get the vote.”

According to National Polling Averages, Senator Hillary Clinton is in the lead with nearly 45 percent, while Trump isn’t too far behind with just under 40 percent, which many campaign analysts blame on the controversial comments Trump  has made about minorities and  women.

“I think Donald Trump would be a great President, for many reasons,” said Hamilton County Republican Women President, Faye Robinson, “I think that so many of the establishment are voting for what will keep their office, as opposed to doing the right thing for the American people, and I think that’s why the movement for Donald Trump is so strong.”

“I do believe it, I’m confident, I would not be out here, with this shirt on and this red hat if I didn’t believe it,” said Elliot, “I spent my whole life being a loyal Democrat. We do trust him, I do, and he will Make America Great Again.”

The Trump campaign bus will continue South, with plans to make stops in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

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