TSA Discusses Prohibited Items

It was just last week when the T-S-A found a gun at the Chattanooga Airport.

Thursday the TSA held a press conference to better inform people about what they can and can’t bring on board the plane in their carry-on bag.

TSA sees it all.

Replica grenades, knives ranging in all shapes and sizes, and guns

TSA says many people use the excuse that they forgot.

They’re advising people to take a few minutes and check their carryon bags before they step into the security line.

People often have the misconception the security team confiscates items at the checkpoint. TSA says that just not true.

“They can go put it back in their car if they drove to the airport, they can give it to someone who brought them to take back with them. you could always go back and put it in your checked bag”, said TSA Regional Spokesperson Mark Howell.

Several airports allow you to mail some of the items back to yourself

If you do abandon your property you will not get it back.

“We have a no cost contract with the state surplus of Alabama and on a regular basis they come and pick the items up. They sell them a couple times a year with the proceeds going to the state of Alabama”, said Howell.

Howell said TSA will involve law enforcement for what they consider highly dangerous items like guns.

“Not only are you going to have some problems through the checkpoint but you’re also going to have the potential for criminal action on the law enforcement side.”

A total of 4 guns have been found so far this year at the Chattanooga Airport.

10 were collected in 2015.

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