Turkish soccer player accused of slashing multiple players with razor blade during match

Turkish third-division soccer doesn’t make it into the mainstream news in the United States often. So when it does, pay attention, because something absurd must’ve happened. What took place when Amed SK played Sakaryaspor would fall under that category.

Mansur Çalar, who started his professional career with Amed SK in 2005, was accused of injuring multiple players in the game with a razor blade.

Players on Sakaryaspor posted pictures of the results from the alleged attack and it doesn’t look good.

Both teams released statements after the match.

In the statement, Amed SK says: “In the images that Tv264 serves on social media, our athlete Mansur Çalar has no piercing-cutting tools in his hand … When the images are carefully monitored, it will be seen that there is no piercing or sharp tool in the hands of our athlete.”

Sakaryaspor’s statement had a very different story.

“At the beginning of the ceremony, No. 72 Mansur Çalar, who physically assaulted our captain Ferhat Yazgan, then continued these attacks and scratched the abdomen of Dilaver Güçlü in a penalty position … Tevfik Köunis was also injured in the same way. Hacı Ömer Doğru also intervened physically in the face and was injured in the cameras. Although the referee of the match, Ferhan Kestanlıoğlu and the representatives of the match told us about the events, they stayed in the game!”

The game finished a 1-1 draw. Amed SK is currently in eighth place in its division in TFF 2. Lig with nine games left in the season.

Çalar was not in the club’s 18-man roster for its match on Wednesday.

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