TVA Grants Cleveland Millions to Energy Makeover Old Homes

Cleveland, TN (WDEF) – The Blythe-Oldfield neighborhood of south Cleveland was built in 1919 to house factory workers for the old Brown Stove Company.

Fast forward a hundred years, and many of the homes are falling apart, plagued with inefficient or broken appliances, windows and insulation.

But thanks to the hard work of a few agencies, 3.75 million dollars is promised by TVA to retrofit these homes, resulting in lower utility bills for the hard-working Cleveland citizens that call this community home.

"To think about someone’s utility bill going from 400 dollars a month in poorly insulated houses to three, or in many cases two hundred, cutting it in half is just life changing for families on fixed incomes," said Dustin Tommey who is executive director for Impact Cleveland.

Impact Cleveland begun the initiative.

Their mission is to revitalize older and disadvantaged neighborhoods through economic and social programs.

"Impact Cleveland has affected Cleveland so much we now have organized neighborhood associations and folks are taking pride in their homes," Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland said. "Code enforcement has been stepped up. We now have four code enforcement officers that are proactive instead of reactive and they actually patrol the neighborhoods instead of waiting for somebody to call."

Impact Cleveland is a part of the United Way of Bradley County.

Along with Cleveland Utilities, details of the grant are being worked out with the application process for homeowners beginning next spring.

Three hundred homes are eligible.

"We’re trying to rally the troops and bring people and energy like this TVA grant to this neighborhood to really catalyze change and bring about transformation here," Tommey said.

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