TVA holds listening session ahead of key board vote Thursday

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Tennessee Valley Authority held a listening session ahead of a key board vote Thursday morning.

38 total people spoke in front of the TVA board this afternoon. A majority spoke in favor of closing down two coal plants, one in Paradise, Kentucky and the other in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. A handful pleaded with the board to keep the plants open. The plants are primary sources of employment for the small towns.

One group did not attend the listening session. Instead the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy of Knoxville launched a new website today. The group says is dedicated to holding the TVA accountable.

SACE believes the public TVA board meetings should be more public — with listening sessions streamed online so concerned citizens do not have to take *two days off work to attend the meeting and vote.

However, the TVA believes they are meeting the public’s needs.

“We obviously feel that our meetings are very public. As a matter of fact as referenced today, our board is in a public listening session for input from the public and it’s standing room only, inside there. The meetings, the board meetings, where the board deliberates are done in public, and then we have quite a number of sessions where we get input,” TVA CFO John Thomas said.

The TVA board will hear from more citizens and vote on the coal plants fates Thursday morning at 9:30 in the Missionary Ridge TVA building.

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