TVA sees lowest fuel cost in 3 years

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) –

The January 2016 total monthly TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment will be 1.891 cents per kilowatt hour for residential and business customers served by TVA and local power companies. This is the lowest FCA TVA has seen since 2012. The overall system average fuel rate is approximately 15% lower than the three year average January fuel cost.


We are down from December, which was 1.971 cents for residential and business customers. The recent rain allowed TVA to produce more power with hydro, allowing us to rely less on higher cost resources. This allows TVA to pass the savings on to the 9 million people of the Valley.




2.4 cents

Jan 2013

2.1 cents

Jan 2014

2.07 cents

Jan 2015

1.891 cents

Jan 2016

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