Two Arrested in Carjacking and Theft at Highway 58 Laundromat

Two young Chattanooga men are under arrest following a carjacking and theft Tuesday night.

It was poor timing on their part that led to a police chase and their capture this morning.

Chattanooga Police were at the Shepherd Recreation Center after the discovery of suspected stolen merchandise stashed there.

They knew that two people had hijacked a car Tuesday night a few miles away, and had also stolen several items.

SGT. LAYNE, CPD  “Once the officers got on the scene, they were able to ascertain that it was evidence that was actually taken in the robbery last night..the carjacking that occurred at the laundromat on Highway 58.”

But, the alert officers noticed a suspicious car driving by. It matched the description of the one that was stolen..and they decided to check it out.

SGT. LAYNE  “The officer pulled in behind the vehicle, activated his emergency equipment and when he did they fled at a high rate of speed, at that point, he then again gave chase down Shepherd Road until they crashed here at the intersection of Shepherd and Shallowford.”

The suspect vehicle actually hit two other vehicles in the parking lot. No one was hurt there.

SGT. TOM LAYNE  “Both suspects at that point jumped from the vehicle, fled on foot–officers gave chase and were able to apprehend both suspects on the scene without any further incident.”

The two men, according to investigators had apparently just picked the wrong time to go by the rec center and pick up their loot.

One person–the unidentified driver of the vehicle that was carjacked Tuesday night, was shaken up in the incident.

SGT. TOM LAYNE  “The victim was injured and taken for medical examination but released from the hospital.”

One of the suspects is a juvenile–the other will be identified.

He is 18 year old Austin Bumpass.

The victim of the carjacking is 53-year old Sheila Ruiz who was folding clothes at the Laundromat when she was attacked and her car stolen.


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