Two more deaths and a message that we aren’t wearing enough masks

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Health Department reports two more deaths in Hamilton County related to the coronavirus.

The victims were both Hispanic men… one was a man in his seventies with underlying health issues.

But the other was in his thirties with no underlying issues.

Health Administrator Becky Barnes say a death listed from over the weekend actually happened in March.  They have just classified it as Covid-19 related.

The total number of deaths for county residents is 22.

The number of cases today continued the trend from late last week of moderate growth with 47 new cases on Monday.

Mayor Jim Coppinger scolded the community on face mask usage as a factor for the numbers.

“We’re not seeing people taking this as seriously as they should be.”

He is asking owners and managers at local businesses to ask customers why they aren’t wearing masks.

Barnes reiterated the point.

“We don’t have anything close enough to people wearing masks to protect our community.”

She says everyone should do their part by wearing masks in public when you can not social distance.

The Mayor also wanted to address a pamphlet campaign at the Brainerd testing site today.

People were handing out the documents discouraging people from being tested.

They say the government is collecting personal information on you for other purposes.

Mayor Coppinger says that is not true.. they only get the information so they can send you the test results.  He says the false claims “kind of came out of nowhere” and took them by surprise.

Becky Barnes had a different message for us on the continuing new cases.. Don’t go to work if you are sick.

She says they are finding people, some even with symptoms, who continue to go to work while they are waiting for their test results.

“We are finding way too many people at work when we call them with positive results.”

And she called on employers not to pressure workers to come in when they are sick.

“Make H-R policies conducive for them to be able to stay home when they are sick.”


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