Two men taken to hospital after being trapped under collapsed building

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – Two men were transported to local hospitals when a house being built collapsed in Rossville.

“Of course, I saw the police chief coming very fast he doesn’t drive really fast like that so he was rolling,” said Kelli Williams.

Construction on a building was taken place when a neighbor described hearing a loud thud booming through the neighborhood.

“By the time I got down here I saw the police, firetrucks, and things like that and people saying there’s a man trapped underneath,” said Williams.

The Roseville Fire Department said two men were stuck under the collapsed roof. They said the first person was able to be pulled out quickly and immediately sent to the hospital.

The other person was stuck in the middle of the wreckage and it took more work to get him out and then he was taken to an area hospital. 

The other guy was inside he was stuck for probably one hour and a half to two hours probably. I don’t know how they are but I think they are OK because they never stopped talking with our people,” said construction owner Jesus Varrious.

“They had it roped off which was for protection so I didn’t get to see as much as I probably would’ve liked to. But just the fact that he was under there was enough for me to know that he needed to be taken care of,” said Williams.

The owner of the construction company Jesus Varrious said he was terrified for their safety when the roof fell. 

“The guys, how (are) the guys. They die or they live, I don’t know this is the first question. Health is very important if they are good everything is good. It was an accident because this is the first time I’ve seen something like this,” said Varrious.

Varrious said starting Saturday they will take everything away from the site and will either get another permit to build again in the future or sell the lot. 

The investigation is still ongoing. 

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