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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) — One of the worst parts of a Wildlife Officer’s job is dealing with accidents and fatalities.
Most fatalities in our area happen in water related accidents.
And with the 2015 boating season underway, TWRA Officers have a message to share.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Officers are trying to get the 2015 boating season off on the right foot.
You’d think that most people who spend a lot of their time on the water every summer wouldn’t need too many reminders, but a refresher is always helpful.

BARRY BAIRD, TWRA, DISTRICT 32 BOATING OFFICER "There’s a lot of things going on,but we’re out enforceing laws and rules and regulations….we enforce anything from registration violations, having the appropriate current registration, to boating under the influence."

The leading type of boating incident in 2014 was a collision with another vessel.
When TWRA added it up…monetary damages reported in 2014 reached 1-million-117
And that’s actually down from 2013 statistics.

BARRY BAIRD "Chickamauga Lake is tied for number one in the state with Norris lake for boating accidents last year."

Eighty people were injured in boating related incidents in 2014 and 17 individuals lost their lives.
At Harrison bay the officers spend the morning checking those who are already out on the water.

BARRY BAIRD, TWRA "Even if you’re unfortunately have a boating accident …wearing your life-jacket ..knowing where it imake sure its in good condition ..and knowing how to use it…could literally mean the difference between life and death."

TWRA says even one fatality on the state’s lakes and waterways is one too many.
One last rule, heed the signs and be cautious especially on high usage days on the water.

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