Local officials & Tyner schools meet for Tyner Middle-High Groundbreaking

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Years of action and protest were rewarded today with the announcement of the new Tyner Middle-High.

Faculty, staff and members of the Tyner community have spoken out for years, calling out the degrading conditions of the school buildings.

In 2022, students had decided enough was enough. A walk-out was staged by Tyner Academy students in protest of the unlivable conditions.

This drew the attention of local officials, and they were pushed to action.

Mayor Weston Wamp has been a supporter and he is happy that officials could agree to help this school. “It’s symbolically important for the future of the entire school system that when we say we’re gonna do something, where there’s a need, we meet it,” Mayor Wamp said. “It was my conclusion that we ought not come up short at all on the commitment that was made to Tyner kids and their families and the educators who work there.”

The result of  that commitment is what was seen today as a crowd of eager students flooded the stands. For them, this change has been long awaited.

Principal Dr. Earvin of Tyner Academy believes that this victory shows the power young people can have on the world around them. “I want all students to know they have a voice.”

Construction on Tyner Middle-High is set to begin soon, and will hopefully be completed some time in 2024.

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