Unusual Month of December For Mocs Coach Rusty Wright

Mocs coach Rusty Wright is a big fan of the movie Christmas Vacation, and this December, he may feel a little like Clark Griswold. National Signing day is Wednesday, and Wright hasn’t been able to physically meet recruits because of the pandemic. On top of that, Wright has to prepare for a new and unique spring football season.
If it gets any crazier, Cousin Eddie might show up.

Kind of strange with National signing day approaching, and Coach Wright hasn’t seen many of the recruits in person because of COVID recruiting restrictions.
Said Wright:”There has been no face-to-face. They’ve been able to take admissions tours and do those things if the universities have been open during those times.”

Seniors were given the option of returning for another year, so that will impact recruiting as well.

Said Wright:”95 or 96 percent of our guys are planning on being here senior wise next year, so that’s going to limit our numbers a little bit. We may sign anywhere from 13 to 15 guys when it’s all said and done just because of the numbers we have available to us.”

After the holidays, Wright and company will gear up for a spring football season. An 8 game schedule that kicks February 20th.

Wright:”We’ll figure out how the spring is going to look. With the way the football season is kind of limping to the end here, I don’t know how smart it is for us to start up and try to figure out in January. So we’ll just have to again, take it day-by-day and just be as patient as we can to get it done. It’ll be different. You know it will be. I’m sure the weather will dictate some things too you know. I mean I’m not real fired up about cold February days, but.”

If the Mocs make the playoffs, their season could run into May and then of course summer football workouts will soon follow. So much for Coach Wright’s golf game this year.

Joked Wright:”I don’t know if I’m going to worry about it this next year. I might have some clubs for sale for somebody so.”

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