Update of Saturday Night downtown Chattanooga shooting resulting in six teens being shot; two sustaining life threatening injuries

UPDATE (WDEF)- New information is coming out about the victims of the shooting that occurred late Saturday Night in downtown Chattanooga. The six victims were all the age of 15, except for one victim which was 13. There were four males and two females that were shot and injured in the shooting.

The shooting occurred as a result of two groups confronting each other, which in the course of their altercation led two individuals in one group to brandish firearms and start shooting at the other group. Police now believe that there was an intended target in the other group but many of the victims were bystanders who not the target.

Officers were on the scene immediately and administered first aid while securing the perimeter. Chattanooga Police ask anyone with information regarding this incident to call 423-643-5100 or submit a tip via the Atlas One App (formerly the CPD Mobile App). You can remain anonymous.



CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-Mayor Tim Kelly says just before 11, on Saturday, six teenagers were shot when two groups of teens came together near the 100 block of Cherry St in Downtown Chattanooga.

“Two individuals, from one group, started firing upon the other group and we believe there wasn’t one intended target in that other group. At this time, it does not seem to be any connection to anything gang-related. That’s not been completely ruled out but there’s nothing to indicate that at this time,” said Celeste Murphy, Chattanooga Police Chief.

CPD had officers in the area responding to the shooting.

“They were in the places they were supposed to be. I had the quickest response to be able to handle the situation. There was a very chaotic scene. They were able to bring resolution very swiftly,” said Murphy.

News 12 asked if the officers were in the area by chance or if there was a spike of activity in that area.

“It was kind of a little bit of all that. We normally have people that are assigned to the area. If we start noticing there’s an increase in activity or population in the area, they will let everybody know to be on alert. There are also people who just are working at businesses, off duty, in that area so we have a collective communication between all of our command staff,” said Murphy.

A suspect was originally brought into custody but has since been released.

“There was a person of interest who was detained last night. That person has been ruled out as a suspect. Investigators have reviewed all the video, that we know about, and continue to look for more video,” said Murphy.

Mayor Tim Kelly spoke on the need to make sure guns stay out of the hands of criminals.

“And once again I’m standing here, in front of you, talking about our community’s youth getting shot. That’s outrageous and it has to stop. It’s ridiculous that I even have to publicly state that guns have no place in the hands of our kids,” said Kelly.

Kelly also says parents need to make sure their kids are supervised and following the law.

“Easy access to illegal guns is killing kids and our community has the responsibility to put a stop to it,” said Kelly.

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