US 101 holds fundraiser for Woodmore

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – The Chattanooga community continues to come together to support the families of the Woodmore Elementary bus crash.

Friday morning, US 101 held a fundraiser at Hamilton Place Mall.

“We decided after the tragedy that happened earlier this week at Woodmore Elementary – with the families affected by this bus accident – we just kinda put our brains together and thought that money needs to be raised for these families – both for now and for the long term,” says Mo of US 101’s Dex & Mo Show.

US 101 collected monetary donations Friday morning and had a banner for the community to sign in support of Woodmore Elementary.

“People from all walks of life have come to sign the banner and to donate money. Every penny of this money goes to the families of Woodmore Elementary,” added Dex.

The banner was quickly covered in love and support for Woodmore.

Chattanooga resident Anita stopped by to sign the banner during the fundraiser. She said, “My heart goes out them. I knew some of the parents whose kids got hurt and got killed and what. And I’ve just been praying everyday for them.”

“After the tragic Woodmore bus accident on Monday, United Way and the Community Foundation have been working together on the Woodmore Fund… Today, a little earlier this morning, we had the fund at $116,000 and that doesn’t include what we’ve raised here today,” says Kelley Nave with the United Way.

Mo said, “Just collecting money – and it’s going to go to the fund that’s been set up by United Way and the Community Foundation.”

Dex also said, “Somebody put it best the other day when they said, ‘You know, this just makes my heart hurt.’ And this is just a small thing that we can do. We wanted to try to do something to help and to show everyone our love and support.”

Donate to the Woodmore Fund here.


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