USC gynecologist investigated for improper exams, controversial comments

LOS ANGELES — The University of Southern California revealed a nearly two-year-old investigation into the practices of the student health center’s former gynecologist, finding that he made racist and sexually inappropriate comments and conducted improper pelvic exams, CBS Los Angeles reports. USC President Max Nikias acknowledged complaints about the doctor in a letter to USC students, alumni and faculty that alluded to an investigation by the Los Angeles Times, which subsequently reported that concerns about the gynecologist dated back decades. 

The newspaper had been investigating Dr. George Tyndall for months prior to the university’s acknowledgment.

According to Nikias, the school’s Office of Equity and Diversity got a complaint about Tyndall in June 2016 and immediately launched an investigation — which included surveying 2,500 student patients— and placed Tyndall, now 71, on administrative leave. USC terminated the gynecologist’s employment in June 2017.

In addition to the racially and sexually inappropriate comments, medical assistants questioned Tyndall’s practice of digital insertion before using a speculum to conduct pelvic exams. While one expert consulted by the university said it could be considered an acceptable practice, an independent reviewer called the practice “outdated and not current standard of care,” according to a summary of the investigation linked to Nikias’ letter.

“It is a little late which is not the greatest but at the same time at least something was done,” said a USC student.

“I’m just happy that they informed us,” said another USC student.

Some of the complaints against the doctor could go as far back as the 1990s.

Tyndall has never been arrested or brought in for questioning. He still has his medical license which is good until 2020.

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