UTC Mocs team up with Chattanooga police and firefighters

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF)- While many people were sleep this Friday morning, there was a lot of noise on the campus of UTC that involved police, firefighters and the entire UTC men’s basketball team.

The phrase "no pain, no gain" was put to the test when the Mocs basketball team conducted strength conditioning drills with police and firefighters.

But the event also served another purpose. It was an opportunity to build community relations through the Chattanooga Violence Reduction Initiative.

"A lot of people can associate themselves with these guys. These guys may have or not have come from hard backgrounds. But everyone of these guys has to put in there’s dedication to work in order to make it. And so them showing they can do that also shows the rest of the community that they can do the same thing," said Police Sgt. Daniel Jones.

"We really wanted to outreach the community as much as we can and show our great appreciation for what these people do for us everyday," said UTC Strength Coach Gregg Goldin.

The event was also a chance to show that women can hang with the big boys.

"It’s fun. I enjoy this kind of thing. I work with a lot of guys to so I don’t mind being the lone female," said Sgt. Heather Williams.

A young basketball team is expected to handle drill exercises very well but they might not have expected the older guys to keep up.

"There’s a couple of things we’ve done out here before. A couple of the guys on the police and fire department we’re kicking out butts in some of the things so it went even in my mind," said Mocs Forward Lance Stokes.

The event was unofficially called the "Battle of Chattanooga’s Teams." But in the end, they were all one team.

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