UTC nursing student shares what life has been like amid coronavirus pandemic

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – One thing we all might be learning from the coronavirus pandemic is that things don’t always go as planned.

“Online courses, it’s just so different and both faculty and students are facing new challenges that no one’s ever had to really deal with and trying to finish our degree requirements with that has definitely been a challenge,” Timothy Lott said.

Lott recently finished his nursing degree requirements at UTC, but not without some adjustments because of the pandemic.

Unable to finish his Clinical Practicum in person, Lott said he learned through online simulations and exercises.

“I wasn’t able to get the full experience that is intended through the school of nursing which is unfortunate. However, I feel like they’ve prepared us very well to be able to overcome that,” Lott said.

And, a summer trip overseas he and his wife had been planning for two years couldn’t happen.

So, his plan to start his career through a residency program at the end of the summer changed.

Getting the career moving, Lott said was a concern for him and his classmates a few weeks ago.

“A lot of places put a freeze on either interviews or hiring and so it was kind of like right now is when were supposed to be applying for a job and the pandemic is really changing that up,” he said.

But, learning through the pandemic, Lott said, has brought what could have been a hypothetical discussion to reality.

“We actually had our community health class this semester which involves public health,” he said. “We’re actually writing discussion boards and writing papers about this is what’s happening and this is how we’re dealing with it,” he said.

And, it’s brought lessons of many kinds that can only help in the future.

“Being a new graduate and seeing how his process takes place, if we were to take part in this down the road we would be the healthcare providers that are leading the way in this and it wouldn’t be the first time for us to see it. We’d already kind of already have a blueprint of what works and doesn’t work,” Lott said.

Lott said that he has been accepted in the July class of the residency program at CHI Memorial.

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