Vaccine Confidence

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Health care workers and first responders in Chattanooga are now receiving the covid vaccine but how confident are other folks about getting a shot when it’s their turn.

While some people are uncertain about getting a covid vaccine, others can’t wait until everyone gets their shot.
“I’m not gon’ take no chances. I want to live.  I prefer everybody to try and take the vaccine” said one Chattanooga resident.
“If only 80 percent of America take it… we all covered” said another Chattanooga.
Can a person who has received a covid-19 vaccine still be a carrier of the virus? News 12 reached out to ClinSearch to find out.
“That’s the part that we’re looking at right now.” Dr. Mark McKenzie from Clinsearch
Dr. McKenzie is conducting vaccine trials with volunteers.
“Two of the trials, one by AstraZeneca and one by moderna has produced data that shows you’re less likely to carry the virus to somebody else” said Dr. McKenzie.
Working professionals like educators in the state of Tennessee have expressed uncertainty about the vaccine because they believe it felt rushed.
As a physician and researcher, Dr. McKenzie feels confident about the vaccine’s effectiveness.
“The stages of how we did the trial -the phases are well structured. The technology for the phases of the type of vaccine has been around for years. Two in particular were Pfizer and moderna, they have MRNA technology that has been in development for 15 plus years.”
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